Gamification app solution

Active Loop’s participation app framework. Solution is available for both iOS and Android. It’s a flexible Framework that can be used for many purposes where you can engage your users/viewers for different terms. The app is a fun and easy way for viewers to make their voice heard in the broadcasts and an opportunity for our customer to communicate with their audience on a fun and relaxed way.

A complete backend to handle all statistic, communications and harvest of data is a part of the solution.

Automated Social Media Player

The Active Loop interactive and user driven broadcast system, is a great way of creating a highly effective and profitable automated TV channel. Active Loop takes care of harvesting content and videos and engaging users. Our automated broadcast solution is configured to interplay with social media and 2nd Screen applications and other internet based sources. By using this service, all you need is content to be a broadcaster.

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2nd Screen Framework

Active Loop’s Second Screen in an adaptable framework for iOS, Android and webapps. This app gives the TV viewer added value and is built to be an extension of the 1st screen experience. Our expertise in using the Syncano platform to sync, distribute and harvest content between various platform and screens, creates a seamless echo system between 1st and 2nd screens.

Engage your audience with features such as chatting, voting, polls, relevant info, Stats, in app purchase, up-sell VOD services, contextual ads etc.

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Broadcast Controller

This is a special piece of software developed by Active Loop responsible for bridging the gap between broadcast technology and our cloud based internet platform for app development. The controller will monitor and respond to the main platform to sync content with other apps and web services, such as second screens.

Backend and Schedule Solution

Active Loop also offer user friendly backend solutions based upon the latest within web technology for scheduling content easily. Including analytics, user control, profanity filters, banners, playlists and clips etc. The backend is the dashboard that enables you to basically run your own professional TV-channel.