The Broadcast industry is complex and is consisting of many players with aligned interests around the current way of doing business. The evolution of set-top boxes that lets consumers purchase individual shows and season passes, undermines the traditional business model of every television network and cable company, with unclear revenue potential for studios and production companies. The biggest change – as Apple has shown in other industries – is to orient the industry away from the entrenched players in a way that benefits consumers.

With active loops 2nd screen framework, new ways of monetization opens up for broadcast. While people increasingly engage with their 2nd screens, Active Loop will sync and deliver contextual and content in sync, so users can perceive the 2nd screen as an extension and enhancement of the 1st screen broadcast experience.

If the quality of the core concept is enough to engage, a broadcaster will allready be able to use our framework for up-sale of existing products as well as offer in app purchases directly tied to what the user experience while watching either linear or on-demand content.

For much of the past 15 years, news organizations have been forced to trade print dollars for digital dimes, as revenues from print and television evaporated far faster than digital revenues have grown.

Second Screen engagement will drive curated, interactive TV experiences and new monetization models