More and more people opt to do without a TV set, and even a cable TV supplier. They rely on new channels to consume moving images, channels which have become available over the past decade. The Internet makes it possible to receive TV on computers and mobile end devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks), paving the way for two new distinct developments: TV as a mobile experience becomes reality; and the simultaneous use of TV and Internet is increasing.

For broadcast to adapt to new ways of consumption, Active Loop offers ways to tie both linear and streaming broadcast that integrate users with the ability to contribute with valuable content through popular social media services and second screen applications. Active Loop can adapt programming concepts, live transmissions and special interest television into our framework. We do this by extending and personalize additional info in real time and offer ways for viewers to contribute and share.

The more contribution we provide from your audiences, more ways of learning about viewers emerge. Use our data about viewers to get actual information about audience behaviour and preferences as well as what triggers engagement.

TV has always been social and conversation-driven. It's just that in the past, the reach of that conversation was limited by the number of people in a room.

Dick Costolo CEO Twitter

It’s about you as a person and how you connect to people and how feel about yourself and how you feel about other people.....That’s something I don’t feel I could have gotten on TV.

Susan Wojcicki (CEO - Youtube)