– 2nd screen framework –

Active Loop Television actively works to align the concept of broadcasting, and other traditional one-to-many media models, closer to how people consume media on new connected devices and social media. We offer solutions that connects your audience to second screen experiences for all devices and platforms available. This means better integration of user experiences for the mobile society. Our main field of operation is know-how and technology for building custom engagement and interaction between end consumers and media.

In addition to offering cutting edge knowledge, consultancy and technology, ALTV also focus on the development of new and sustainable business models adapted to the future trends of broadcast and media consumption.

2nd Screen Framework

Active Loop’s Second Screen in an adaptable framework for iOS, Android and webapps. This app gives the TV viewer added value and is built to be an extension of the 1st screen experience. Our expertise in using the Syncano platform to sync, distribute and harvest content between various platform and screens, creates a seamless echo system between 1st and 2nd screens.

Engage your audience with features such as chatting, voting, polls, relevant info, Stats, in app purchase, up-sell VOD services, contextual ads etc.

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