Why use the Active Loop platform?

We offer a technical solution that can tie together content, interaction and social
media to one dynamic seamless user experience across platforms and screens


Engage your audience in talking to others through social media channels or direct messaging P2P.


Facilitate your media echo system with micro payments, e-commerce, contextual offers and new ways to monetize.


Active Loop is able to consolidate your efforts cross platforms like OTT, Web, and mobile and convert viewers to buyers and followers.

Who is it for?

Active Loop provide orchestrated media for broadcasters, content providers, branded content
and new media cross platform with the power to tie Linear broadcast with OTT, web-TV and mobile


Engage your audience and exploit back catalogue (long tail). Create new and popular programming concepts like game shows, live sport, live events combining broadcast and real time sync with second screens.

Content Providers

We can help content providers to establish fully automated broadcast jukeboxes and set up low cost streaming services for categories of content. Create a direct link between consumers and your content and discover new models of revenue and business.


Active Loops experience and technology is a tailor made companion for any media house. Make your production of audio visual content more visible and professional with our VOD and automized TV-system. On web, TV, apps or OTT solutions.

Product examples

Active Loop has developed a Automated Social Media Player and a App framework.

Interactive and user driven broadcast system

The Active Loop interactive and user driven broadcast system, is a great way of creating a highly effective and profitable automated TV channel.

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App solution/framework

Active Loop’s App framework is adaptable for iOS, Android and webapps. This app gives the TV viewer added value and is built to be an extension of the 1st screen.

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